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Whilby Clan
Global/Towny Rules & FaQ


1. Be respectful to all players and keep it drama free.

2. Any real threats or intent to harm other players in the community or the server will result in a ban.

3. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game or in global chat. Appeals or reports can be made on the forums.

4. In-game currency and items (Blocks, Crate Keys, Rank Books, etc.) may not be sold or traded for real life items or in-game credits.

5. Do not spam anything of any kind.

6. Avoiding punishments by any means is forbidden.

7. High Staff has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.

8. Anyone caught baiting or encouraging others to violate rules will have an equal or greater punishment to the rule violation.

9. Staff impersonation of any kind (Town/Nation tag, Nicknames, etc.) is forbidden.

10. Hacking or Exploiting is forbidden.

FaQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are updated often and at random, be sure to check in regularly for updates as they may not be annouced. 


Question - Is griefing a town allowed?

        Answer - Griefing is not allowed, the only time anything similar to griefing would be allowed is if you are currently at war with said town. 


Question - What is defined as griefing? 

        Answer - Griefing is defined as purposely affecting a town’s population’s ability to play and        survive while at and around their base.

        Examples include - Obstructing the area around a claim to the point of the land becoming unusable, killing town members in their town for an extended period of time.


Question - How is harassment treated?

       Answer - Harassment of any kind is not tolerated, and may result in a ban. 


Question - How is sexual harassment treated?

       Answer - Sexual Harassment of any kind is not tolerated, and depending on the case will result in a 1-6 month global ban. 


Question - Are portal trolling allowed? 

       Answer - No


Question - What counts as portal trolling

     Answer - Purposefully affecting a players ability to use their portals. This includes but is not limited to, portal trapping and purposefully placing portals to interview with a base’s portals.



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Moderator Training Guide




Walk them through linking their Minecraft account to our discord if they are unaware and help them sync their rank. If they are unable to sync their rank, contact a Double Admin+ to assist.


Most importantly, familiarize the new staff member with the Forums, and make them set up an account. This is vital for Ban Appeals and Reports, which Moderators will often find themselves having to defend their case in.


Explain the basic concept of the “Sit Room” (Ex. Situation Room). Underline the proper etiquette when in the sit room to the new staff member.


Make notice to the staff passwords each staff member is assigned, and remind them to keep it safe. It serves as an additional security measure against account compromisation.


Teach them to utilize and begin speaking within staff chat [/a Message]


Teach them when and how to /mod on/off 

Basic Commands


- /tempban (2 weeks)

- /kick

- /mute

- /unmute

- /checkalts

- /tp

- /tphere

- /tpo

- /tpohere

When/How To Utilize the Sit Room (Situation Room) 


When dishing out a punishment the reason for the punishment must be explained to the guilty party clearly while they are present in the Sit Room. (excluding mutes)


The only situations that would require the use of the Sit Room would be ones involving needing to talk to two parties at once. Situations involving the player world should be handled in such.



Trainee - The basic starter role. You are to be trained and then remain a trainee for 14 days from your training date. Any staff issuing during this period will result in a demotion.


Moderator - The job of a Moderator is to take sits and manage players.


Admin - The job of an Admin is to manage the Moderators, train them and keep them in line. Taking sits is a secondary objective.


Double Admin - The job of a Double Admin is to manager the staff team, accept/deny applications, Moderate all platforms (Ingame, Discord, Forums) and handle staff punishments. Taking sits is not an objective of a Double Admin. 


Manager/Head of Staff - The job of the Head of Staff is to handle anything staff related that can’t/hasn’t been handled by the Double Admins.

Taking sits is not an objective of the Head of Staff.


Owner and Supervisor - The job of the Owner and Supervisor is to manage the server as a whole. The Owner and Supervisor are not members of the staff team and shouldn’t be expected to act as such. 

Our Expectations 


Take sits when requested. Staffing always comes before Playing. If you find that other mods aren't doing their jobs, and leaving the requests up for minutes without answer, report them to a DA+.


Practice self-control. Imagine yourself in an actual workplace when dealing with anything staff related.


Show respect to all players/staff.


Be active in all aspects of the community as best as possible.


Listen to your superiors.


If you go inactive, let a higher-up know. If you remain inactive for an extended period of time you will be demoted one rank and put on probation, if you do not return after 7 days while on probation you will be removed. 


Answer any questions in Chat.


Don't be biased. Treat friends the same way you would treat enemies and vice versa, do not give favor, and do not punish upon personal vendettas.


Do not abuse your powers. They will be instantly demoted when caught.


Be professional to a point, we don't need a butler level of professionalism, just be nice.



If you happen to find an exploit on the server, do not post it in a bug report on the forums. Instead, contact the Owner/Supervisor directly (or higher management if said personnel aren’t available).


Explain that the ban length limit for Trainee/Moderator is 2 weeks. 


Exactly how to get a ban updated using the Ban Update and Alt Search Request.


The last thing to tell them before releasing them from training should be the confidentiality agreement, make sure you read it to them and ensure they actually understand it.

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