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Season Two

Warmest love to all old and new!

If you're not familiar with my face, the name's Aidan. 
My job is to handle the developmental, community & marketing aspects of Metro. But right now, my job is to try to cushion the drop into Season Two the best I can! There's a lot that we've added, changed, and subtracted from the new update.
Buckle up and don't hesitate to ask questions!

Starting with some critical feature updates:

The Multitool is my personal favorite of the bunch. This one-of-a-kind tool will conform to the block you're interacting with. For instance, should you run into a dirt patch while mining hopelessly into the void, the Multitool will automatically switch from a pickaxe to a shovel and vice versa. Kicking it off as a wooden pickaxe, the Multitool can be upgraded to upwards of 20 levels. As seasons go on, Multitool levels will be added to keep the flow going.

I can pretty much guarantee that eventually you'll fall into the warm, sticky, fatal pool of molten fruit punch gatorade at the bottom of your cave, facing ultimate death. If you happen to slip into such substance and die of a slow, horrific, well-deserved death, the Multitool can be respawned & retrieved via /multitool. Additional information such as level requirements & experience collecting will also be found here.

Experience galore! Boosters reward you and/or all online players with a temporary mutiplier of the respective experience category. These categories include mcMMO, Jobs & Vanilla Experience. Boosters can be purchased from the store or in-game using /boosters. Additionally to being available on the server store, all experience categories are globally boosted 25% on Friday & Saturday

➠ Last map we heavily lacked the primary component of grindability: progression. To make up for it, I've introduced the following:
15 new ranks; 90+ rankup requirements. Yes, fifteen. Quite a jump from our four timed ranks last season. Thanks to our new core plugin, we are able to introduce all sorts of different rankup requirements. mcMMO levels, items enchanted, villager trades, jobs experience, and so much more (over 90 different requirements). This'll hopefully keep the grind consistent and pleasing.

As you progress through our new caste system, you'll unlock various passive perks, one-time gifts, permissions & kits.

➠ With our new mcMMO balance reform, chances are you aren't gonna be up in the thousands like you're used to. We wanted to integrate this in the past, but with the previous experience rates it would've been suicidal to player progression. Now available for purchase: mcMMO perks. Level up your skills faster, increase your skill activation success rates, reduce your ability cooldowns, and lengthen ability activation time!

Perks can only be purchased in the store or rewarded through this Season's Season Pass.

➠ The main focus developmentally this season was to provide balance to everyone. In order to do this, we've introduced a system of local storage: BackpacksPlayer Vaults will now only be accessible when under spawn protection! Backpacks, however, can be accessed anywhere; anytime. Simply run the command /backpack to access your backpack & /backpack upgrade to begin the upgrade process! 

Premium ranks also provide instant backpack upgrades. Owners of the new Creator rank can access vaults anywhere. 
➠ They're back. They're better. Custom Enchantments have finally made their return! In exchange for player experience, you once again have the ability to browse through our assortment of one-of-a-kind custom enchantments. Every week (starting next week), we'll be adding a unique enchantment to the mix. Have an idea for an enchantment? We'll make it happen! Suggestions are taken very seriously and are highly encouraged. All suggestions can either be made here on the forums or in our discord.

➠ AT LAST! Starting on 09/14, we will be holding a varied weekly event! Currently in the event pool: PvP Brackets, Staff Trivia, CTF, The Walls, Minigames, King of the Ladder & Movie Night. Our first formal event will be PvP Brackets, held on 09/13 (check our Discord for live updates & sign-ups). The winner(s) of each weekly event will recieve varying prizes including ranks, PayPal cashouts & an exclusive Discord role. More to follow in our Discord as the time for our first weekly event nears!

➠ As I stated above, mcMMO was a HUGE issue progressionally the last few maps. Players' ranks were in the thousands just days into release. Dom could fist anyone to death in just one swing of his bare hands, one diamond ore would bring you up 15 levels, Mike had more mining levels than Dakota has days off... mcMMO was BROKEN. Hopefully we've changed that around this release. Aside from just mcMMO, I've gone and listed all the different steps we've taken to balancing the server out the best we can both economically and progresionally.

mcMMO (Previous | New)
    > Critical Damage Multiplier for PvE: 200% 300%
    > Base Experience Multiplier: 100% 30%
    > Bleeding Damage:
        - PvP: 2 4
        - PvE: 3 5
⋆ Archery
    > Maxmium Arrow Retrieval Rate: 80% 100%
    > Daze Ability:
Maximum activation chance: 50% 30%
        - Bonus damage on activation: 3 5
    > Maxmium Bonus Damage: 20 8
        * Previously, unarmed experience would only be progressed if you were holding nothing in your hand.
        * This has been changed to include all items (will still progress when holding any item that isn't a tool).
⋆ Other Changes
    > Updated to include all 1.16 blocks & materials
    > Updated party chat formatting
    > Updated party chat level cap (10 15)
    > Party item sharing is now avilable at level 10 instead of level 8
    > Party alliances are now available at party level 2 instead of level 5
    > Party teleportation is now available at party level 1 instead of level 2
    > Party experience sharing is now available at level 15 instead of level 10
- XP Share range has been upgraded from 75 blocks to 200 blocks
        - XP Share bonus cap has been upgraded from 1.5x to 3.0x multiplier
    > Mobs killed by breeding now reward a 2x skill boost
    > Added various fishing treasures (for you to discover... ;))
    > Acrobatic experience is doubled while wearing feather falling

When the time comes, we will be dipping very deep into the server funds for advertising.
We can expect upwards of 30,000 unique players in a 2 aweek period.

On a personal note, I want to thank you all for baring with me through this release.
Although under 4 weeks of development, it was hard for me to really check any boots-on-the-ground bugs without your help.
I thank you all deeply for that. Please don't hesitate to stampede me with suggestions, bugs, shots or love.

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